It’s Almost Here: Introducing CM2

As you may have noticed, our web page has changed to reflect our new rendition of Cloudmetrx, which we lovingly call CM2.

There’s a couple big changes in CM2, which make it very different from the original Cloudmetrx.

The most notable is that we’ve more or less thrown out the standard grid-based reporting paradigm of most financial analytics applications. Instead, the interface is driven by what we call “monitors.” Monitors do what you’d think — monitor a particular analytic, for a particular group of positions, possibly with a particular alert threshold. So you could say, I want to track my European vega and if it crosses 30 bps of my NAV send me a text message. It takes 5 seconds to set it up and it runs in realtime from then on. It keeps history and gives you long-term stats. It’s great.

But this is where it gets interesting. You can select certain monitors to publish to your Wire. Then, you can authorize investors to view your Wire — a realtime, customized analytics dashboard of your design. The only thing that makes the monitors they see different from yours is that they can’t drill down to see position-level data.

And, managers can publish comments to their Wire that investors will see in realtime.

We think this is going to change the game of alternative asset management. Increased transparency — especially in realtime — adds a whole new value dimension to hedge funds as investment vehicles. Investors can feel more comfortable that their managers are on the ball — and as the economy evolves in realtime, they can stay abreast of what’s going on with their hedge fund investments.

The first Cloudmetrx v2.0 accounts are due to go live on Thursday. You can signup for the pre-release free trial offer on the website. Join us as we change the way people think about hedge investing!


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