Monthly Archives: May 2012

The JPM Credit Trade: From a Quantitative Perspective

After JPM announced a $2B mark-to-market loss in a credit portfolio, U.S. financials suffered across the board. With such company-specific news, it’s difficult to understand the correction in the sector as a whole — until you consider the post-2008 regulatory questions still looming in the background. Here’s the obligatory quote du jour, coming from Sen. […]

How can small- and mid-size hedge funds compete for assets against 800lb gorillas?

Danny is Director of Marketing at Cloudmetrx, Inc. For more information on real-time investor transparency technology, please visit Institutional money has become a more significant source of funding for hedge funds in recent years, requiring managers to rethink their investor relations and marketing processes — including the tools they use to communicate. And, as […]

It’s Almost Here: Introducing CM2

As you may have noticed, our web page has changed to reflect our new rendition of Cloudmetrx, which we lovingly call CM2. There’s a couple big changes in CM2, which make it very different from the original Cloudmetrx. The most notable is that we’ve more or less thrown out the standard grid-based reporting paradigm of […]