Monthly Archives: April 2012

Why is your CEO’s cell number on my homepage?

Since Cloudmetrx v1.1, my cell phone number has been prominently plastered on the home screen of all my clients. And I always get the obvious question: Why do you put your cell phone number on here? Doesn’t it get annoying? To be honest, no. We don’t get a lot of complaints or problems. It’s a […]

Mobile Apps: Fact vs. Fiction

I saw a razor commercial recently in which a strong, muscular actor is admiring a new vibrating razor on an iPad-like device. In the new M&M’s commercial advertising the “all brown bag” promotion, a cartoon chocolate candy chats casually with coworkers with a cartoon iPad under his arm. And in every car insurance commercial I’ve […]

An exercise in poor user experience design: the new Windows Phone

If someone were to ask me: Jason, how do I do as poor of a job as possible designing a user interface? I would do no more than point you to Windows Phone. Pictured below, the new Windows Phone teaches us the principles of user experience design through what not to do. One can only hope that […]

Tales from the Desk: Part I

Before diving into the meat and potatoes of this blog, I’d like to take a (perhaps humorous) detour to recognize the kind of problems that led to the creation of Cloudmetrx. The reality is, the systems and methodologies in place at a lot of hedge funds are rather archaic; investment professionals need to perform certain […]