After a year of business, we think it’s high time we start a Cloudmetrx blog. We’re believers in the greater tech community, and in the open sharing of information, so we are excited about publishing our thoughts and garnering the feedback of the collective tech intelligence that exists on the web.

After all, I was born and bred in the online tech communities. I started programming at the age of 6, and back in 1992, it was still fairly difficult to find people with any deep knowledge of computer science. My parents were able to track down some books for me, and using what free software existed at the time — combined with the helpful feedback of the online community — I was introduced to a world of intellectual delights most 6-year-olds didn’t realize existed. I found out then — and I still believe — that the open source community is a truly unique hotbed of innovation, the exact likes of which may not have existed since the Library of Alexandria.

My name is Jason Victor, and I’m the CEO of Cloudmetrx, Inc. I’ll also be the primary blogger, although my partner and co-founder Mike Laskin has promised some guest posts. We’ll be covering a range of topics — most likely a wide range, actually, since our product is specifically cross-disciplinary and we have a wide range of interests, from macroeconomics to computational topology.

But whatever we get into in the pages to come, it all revolves around our fundamental mission: efficient capital markets through technological solutions. Our first post will get into what we mean a bit more.


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